My Private Champagne Cellar

The most exclusive way to store
your champagne and wine collection


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My Private Champagne Cellar


Experience the luxury of storing your champagne and wine in traditional Champagne caves with My Private Champagne Cellar (MPCC).

Our distinctive service ensures optimal preservation, as well as global delivery of your curated bottle collection.

Overcome storage challenges, invest in special bottles, and savor your champagne or wine in a unique setting.

This is My Private Champagne Cellar, where tradition meets convenience and exclusivity.

My Private Champagne Cellar

Photo credits : Emmanuel Goulet

The most exclusive way to store your champagne & wine collection

Can you keep a secret?

Discover the luxury of your own private cellar in the prestigious Champagne region. Perfect for those lacking home storage or seeking an investment opportunity. Ensure the quality and value of your champagne and wine collection, by using a 3D cellar management solution for efficient bottle tracking and cellar organization.

Start your journey to effortless storage today!


Authentic Champagne Caves

Your bottles are securely stored in authentic Champagne caves, benefiting from the renowned conditions that promote ideal ageing and storing; cool, consistent temperatures, high humidity, and protection from light for optimal preservation.


Premium Experiences

Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of the Champagne region. Our partnerships with premium Champagne Houses, Producers, Hotels, Restaurants and Executive Chefs allow us to curate experiences that blend luxury with tradition and craftsmanship.



Expertise & Advice

Our team and network, made up of both local and international experts, as well as champagne and wine specialists, provides you with comprehensive care and advice.

Our commitment goes beyond just hospitality and storage, Enjoy the Ultimate Champagne Lifestyle!


The First & Finest in Champagne

An exclusive champagne experience tailored to your unique taste… When visiting Champagne, experience the advantages of a bespoke program, providing unparalleled access to VIP experiences. 


Transport & Shipping

Choose your favorite bottles during your visit to Champagne.We’ll safely transport and store them in your private cellar.

Ready to enjoy your champagne or wine?
Have them delivered anytime, anywhere in the world.


Preserving our Legacy

Delve into the artistry of champagne creation, our unique terroir, and the traditional production methods. Your experience supports Mission Coteaux, Maisons et Caves de Champagne and the preservation of Champagne as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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